Blue Flower

Currently, we are developing two products for the airborne wind energy market:

The ARIANE fast and reliable wireless link makes it possible to use ground based sensors for the control of wind drones. Furthermore, it allows fast logging and tuning of flight control computers during practical tests. It uses an active antenna tracker to follow the position of the wind drone. This allows a fast data rate (minimal 1 MBit/ s) with any orientation of the flying wing on a distance up to 1000 m. Two versions will be available:

  • Standard version, including a receiver board for wing integration and two antennas: 990,00 EUR+VAT.
  • Advanced version, including an advanced airborne receiver with three antennas: 1390,00 EUR+VAT.

The ATHENA flight control system fills the gap between small and cheap drone controllers and large and expensive commercial flight control computers.

It is small: just 104 mm x 68 mm x 60 mm and powerful. Compared to the Pixhawk 2.1 it has 4000 times the amount of RAM, 10 times the CPU speed per core, 4 cores instead of one.

  • With a fast wireless link to the ground (10 ms latency instead of 100 ms for the standart telemetry links).
  • With an accurate, high end AHRS system, that does not require any calibration (XSense MTi 2).
  • compatible to Dronecode hardware like GNSS, voltage and current sensor.
  • compatible to the robot operating system ROS2, because the software is based on FastRTPS (real time publish subscribe communication, a well established standard in flight control and other security critical applications).

There is nothing like ATHENA, our upcoming flight control system!

Expected price (incl. basic software and initial support) is 4400,00 EUR+VAT.

Pre order now by just writing an email to info@aenarete