Our areas of expertise

Aenarete – Wind Drones offers simulations that are capable of calculating the expected energy yields, peak power and even peak loads in a turbulent wind field. One can based on this data, calculate life­time of components, modify the design for optimal performance at low costs and build an economical model.

In the video on the right you can see the simulation of a wind drone, flying in circles on a realistically modelled tether.

We have a generic wing model, that can easily be adapted to various wings. In addition the wing model can be combined with a copter model for automated launch and landing.


Studies on performance and costs of wind drones.

Investors and funding agencies can get an independent opinion on the concepts of different companies and groups.


Development of control software.

Based on open source algorithms, we are developing real-time control software in C++ and C.


Training in the field of software quality insurance according to the norm “ISO IEC 90003 2004”.

Training in the field of embedded system development for wind energy systems.


Advice on the implementation of energy storage systems for wind energy.


Specialised products, based on open source algorithms are our strength.